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Depraved by Trilina Pucci
Series: Sinful
Release: July 30

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Savagery. Sin. Depravity—-these are my virtues. 
My religion. 

My name is Dante Sovrano, head of the Chicago Mob,
and I run this city.
Everyone bows down to me.

Except her.

The moment I saw Sarah, I knew she’d be trouble. 
She’s fiery and cutthroat, wrapped up in a lickable package. 

But there are dark secrets hiding behind those gorgeous blue eyes.

And I plan to know them all because she’ll have to make a deal with the devil to solve her problems.

Too bad the devil always takes your soul.
And I’ll be keeping it—
Because Sarah London is mine.

The newest ALPHA in A Sinful Series is the definition of depraved. Dante Sovrano is ruthless and knows exactly who and what he wants. Good luck standing in his way. 
***Depraved can be read as a standalone***

"- Why is yours so short? (...)
- Because all the space in my heart is taken up by my hate.”

Wow! First! A huge thanks for Trilina to has put an end to the reading crisis. The story was caught on the first pages. We can read this story from Sarah & Dante's POV. It is easy to read. 

Trilina was burned my body. Dante was as hot as hell.  However, there were situations when I could bear he no longer... He is too much for me sometimes. I loved and hated him at the same time. How the hell can this be? I liked that he was protecting Sarah. I'm glad to get to know him. But sometimes I just wanted to kick up him. Trilina, what the hell are you doing with me?

Sarah! Oh my, Sarah! She is my fav character in this story. She is strong, awesome woman. She doesn't let control herself. First, I thought that she was such a cute little girl, but she has dirty secrets. I hated her family, they were disgusting. 

In short, I loved this story, but I loved Luca's story more than Dante's. This is my order: Luca, Dante, Dominic. <3 

“I’m gonna kiss you. Taste you. Eat you. Then fuck you…in that order, Billy.”

If you like maffia's stories, hot minutes and hot alpha's you need to read Depraved! It burns your body and your soul.

My fav quote

“- Why is yours so short? (...)
- Because all the space in my heart is taken up by my hate.”

Exclusive Excerpt

Here’s a dirty: Just thought I’d come back through and share again. This time with some words. 

     I moan around the pillow as his finger pushes past the tight rim of my ass, “Yes, God.” 

     The act is so debasing, so barbaric that I almost come on the spot.
     A hard slap curses my ass and my whole-body vibrates from the delicious bite of pain making me clench around his finger.
     “What did you just say?” He growls. Dante leans into my ear, taking the lobe between his teeth, puling and sucking. “Did you call me, God?” he croons low and seductively. 

     I nod my head smiling, because I know the rule. His name and only his.  
     “What’s my name, Sarah?” he bites out as his finger pulls and presses inside my ass again. 
     I pull my mouth from the pillow, already breathless, and ready to break “Dante.”

     “Say it again.” Two fingers push into my ass this time, harder and unrelenting.

     “Dante.” I groan against the fullness. 

     “So, you do know it.” He accuses as I’m left empty and wanting to squirm. 

      I arch my back, jutting my ass up begging for him to continue but all I get is another hard slap. 

      “Lay still.” 

      My body drops but his hands rubs and kneads my tender flesh. 

      “I don’t want to ever hear you say any other man’s name other than mine. Not even God himself. I’ll be the only one that owns your pleasure. You got me?”

     My head nods and he pulls my hips so that I’m on all fours, head bowed.  

     “Let’s make sure you remember. I wanna hear it. Each and every time.”

      I don’t answer, until his palm connects with my ass. 

     “Dante” I grunt as my body pushes forward with force. Fuck. 

     “Can’t hear you, baby.”

Genevieve review in Hungarian

Wow! Ezúttal is hatalmas köszönet Trilina Pucci-nak hogy véget vetett az olvasási válságomnak! A történet már az első oldalaknál megfogott. A történetet Dante és Sarah szemszögéből olvashatjuk. Könnyen olvasható.

Dante pedig ahh... olyan forró mint a pokol. Azonban voltak helyzetek mikor nehezen viseltem el karakterét. Néha egyszerűen túl sok volt. Egyszerre imádtam és gyűlöltem karakterét. Hogy a francba lehet ez? Szerettem ahogy védte Sarah-t, örültem hogy jobban megismerhettem. De néha szívesen lecsaptam volna. Trilina, mi a francot csinálsz velem?

Sarah, ő volt a kedvencem a történetben. Erős, igazi tökös csaj. Nem hagyja hogy irányítsák. Kezdetben azt hittem hogy ő is ilyen aranyos kiscsaj, de bizony neki is vannak sötét titkai. Utáltam a családják, undorítóak. 

Szóóóval mindezt összefoglalva szerettem a történetet, de Luca könyvét jobban mint Dante-t. Ez az én sorrendem: Luca, Dante, Dominic.

Ha szereted a maffia történeteket, a forró perceket és mégforróbb alfákat, neked kell a Depraved! Felégeti testedet, lelkedet! 

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