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A Hurt So Sweet: Volume 2 by Betti Rosewood

Series: An Elite of Eden Falls Prep


Sticks ​and stones may break my bones,
but my bullies will never f*ck me.
Dexter Booth has taken everything from me.
My pride, my innocence and my resolve to resist him have all fallen prey to his wicked charm.
And now, he wants to pop my cherry – the very thing that could save me from his cruel reign.
Worse than that though, he's intent on sharing me with his entourage – the Firstborns of Eden Falls Prep.
There are three boys desperate to steal me. Lai. Caspian. Julian. All eager to get their hands on Dex's property.
When a fourth boy joins the mix, I find an unlikely ally. Easton is kinder. Sweeter. But he might just be the most messed up of all my bullies.
I promised myself this town would never break me. I made a vow to run before Dexter knocks me up.
But when running is no longer an option, I realize the choice was never mine to begin with.
It's Dexter who has to pick.
My bully will decide whether he'll put a baby in my belly…

Or ruin me and finally have revenge on my father – the man who destroyed his life.
AHSS Vol 2. is the second book in Elite of Eden Falls Prep series. After the first part I thought I knew what was coming. BUT NO! This was the book what I've read in a few hours. It was MIND BLOWING! It was in my vein and I cannot get out of my mind! It's not like I want to! Betti makes me addiction. AHSS Vol 2. more intense than the first part. You hurt but in the sweetest most twisted way. We get answer a lot of questions, but the biggest issue remains covered. 
We met new character called Easton. Seemingly he was different than the other Firstborn, but really he is? 

I love this cuz a hurt so sweet! This twisted, dark, angsty story was ruin me, but I enjoyed every single moment!

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A Hurt So Sweet Vol. 2. a második könyv az Elite of Eden Falls Prep sorozatban. Az első rész után azt hittem tudom hogy mi következik. DE TÉVEDTEM. Ez az a könyv melyet pár óra alatt elolvastam és ESZMÉLETLEN volt! A mai napig az ereimben kering, nem tudom kiűzni az elmémből. Na nem mintha akarnám xD Betti totál függővé tesz! Ez a rész sokkal intenzívebb mint az első. Fájdalmat okoz de a legédesebb módon. Rengeteg kérdésre kapunk választ, azonban a legnagyobb kérdés rejtve marad.
Az írónő új karakter mutat be, ő Easton. Látszólag teljesen más mint a többi elsőszülött, de vajon tényleg más?

Imádtam mert a fájdalom néha annyira édes. Ez a csavarokkal teli sötét történet tönkretesz engem, de imádom minden egyes pillanatát!

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"Now how would you like this to go down?" he asks thoughtfully. "We can do it the easy way - you let me see what's between your legs without a single peep coming from your lips... or we can do it the hard way, and I expose you to the entire hall while one of them..." He motions to the other three guys. "Holds you down for me. So, what do you say, princess?"
I hesitate, and he grins, tapping his ear.

"Whisper it in here, I promise not to tell anyone what a needy little slut you are."

I lean in closer, opening my mouth to tell him all my secrets. "The easy way."

"The easy way it is," Easton murmurs, sliding his fingers higher up on my thigh.

There's no denying the fear I feel when he touches me, but there's something else, too. A glimmer of excitement, a spark flying between us as he gently pries my legs apart. With a start, I realize I want him to do this, if only because I don't want him to stop touching me. His touch is electric, his presence magnetic.

And I want so much more.

"I have a feeling you secretly like this..." Easton murmurs against my ear, and I flush, shame burning my cheeks. "Oh, I'm right, aren't I? You fucking love it. Such a dirty little princess."
I'm about to say something snappy back, but I stop myself just in time. This is still better than the alternative - him taking Lily Anna's diary away from me.

"Let's see now," he mutters when he reaches my panties. "If we push these right aside..."

I gasp as he pushes the fabric away from my pussy lips, leaving me exposed and shivering. He's about to find out just how much I like this... One finger flick, and he'll see how dripping wet he's made me.

And he seems intent on doing just that. The boy smirks to himself as he swipes his fingertip along my soaked pussy, never taking his eyes off mine. I feel like the whole room is standing still, watching him take what he wants from my body. The three guys are glued to their spots, eyes zeroed in on Easton and what he's doing.

"So wet," he whispers in my ear, softly enough so nobody else can hear. "Booth always knew how to pick them."

I close my eyes tightly as his fingertip gently forces its way between my folds, feeling my opening. He's about to find out my biggest secret, and there's no way he's keeping the scandalous matter to himself.

He pushes deeper. There's no resistance from my body, instead, my pussy accepts him, wet, ready and willing. If he's surprised by this, he doesn't show it, instead merely smiling to himself and rubbing the inside of my hole with his fingertip. Next, he pulls it out with a pop, his eyes on mine as he brings the finger to his lips, sucking on it.

It's a moment frozen in time, with me waiting for him to ruin my life forever. And he knows it, making sure to prolong it until I'm trembling with fear. I am completely at his mercy, and we're both aware of the fact.

"Well, it looks like Booth hasn't gotten his claws in yet," he says out loud, and a huge weight falls from my shoulders.

He lied. He lied for me . Why on earth would he do that? Surely, he has an ulterior motive.

He moves his legs and I slide off his lap, my hands trembling as I pull my school uniform down.

“Why don’t you give her that ring back?” Easton suggests lazily.

Lai comes forward, his face a grimace as he hands back my engagement ring. I slide it on my finger, giving him a long look full of hatred.

The other two guys exchange long, heated glances. I can see the outlines of each one of their cocks through their trousers. This got them all hot and bothered.

The room seems to go back to normal after that. Once again, there's the sound of chatter from the other tables in the cafeteria, and after a few moments, Lai, Julian and Caspian leave. It's only Easton and me now, but luckily, the bell rings, signaling it's time for another class.

I'm about to push past the new boy when he grips my forearm, his playful eyes coming to rest on mine.

"I know your secret," he whispers against my cheek. "Now it's up to you to make me keep it."

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