Ingyenes e-könyvek 2. rész (Idegen nyelvű) | Free e-book Part 2.

2020. április 6., hétfő


A világjárvány miatt rengeteg író tette ingyen elérhetővé könyveit, ezek egy részét gyűjtöttem most össze! 
Köszönjük szépen! Hálásak vagyunk érte! Annyit szeretnék még kérni hogy a bejegyzés alatt köszönd meg nekik!

A lot of writers did avaliable for free their books about COVID-19. I have collected for you a part of these. 
Huge thanks for the authors! We are so grateful for it! My request is, please say to thank them during the post!

Pucks & Penalties: Pucked Series Deleted Scenes and Outtakes Version 2.0 Extended Edition (The Pucked Series) by [Hunting, Helena]
Helena Hunting: Pucks & Penalties: Pucked Series Deleted Scenes and Outtakes Version 2.0 Extended Edition (The Pucked Series)


An extensive compilation of outtakes, deleted scenes and a crossover novella from The Pucked Series, which now includes:

ENDORSE THIS: An Area 51 invasion outtake in which Alex once again tries to persuade Violet that he should go where no man has gone before. And likely never will. Also includes Alex & Violet inspired outtakes such as Weiner Warmers: a Holiday Outtake, Let’s Make An Alex Jr, Pretty Eyes (a Pucked-Good Luck Charm crossover), MILF in Training, and Kick Stand Kid.

A Valentine’s Day love note, a series of deleted, never before seen scenes from the cutting room floor of Pucked Off and a special birthday outtake.

The original Prologue that didn’t make the cut in Pucked Love and a Valentine’s Day letter from Darren to Charlene guaranteed make you swoon.

Area 51: Deleted Scenes and Outtakes
Originally published in 2016, this compilation of outtakes and deleted scenes features Alex and Violet ridiculousness, lost chapters from Pucked Up, and alternative POVs from our sexiest, horniest hottie: Randy Ballistic.

Get Inked: A Pucked Series and Clipped Wings Crossover Novella
Worlds collide when the PUCKED crew decide it’s time to commemorate their love of hockey with a team tattoo and pay a visit to Inked Armor, the renowned Chicago tattoo studio where master artists Hayden Stryker and Chris Zelter ply their trade. Ink cherries will be popped, cupcakes will be consumed, and the hazards and enhancements of boob bling will be pondered.

NOTE: * Pucks & Penalties contains over 90 000 words in outtakes and deleted scenes, as well as the full Get Inked novella. Pucks & Penalties was previously only available at signings.


One Night: A Just Friends Prequel by [Murphy, Monica]
Monica Murphy: One Night /A Just Friends Prequel/


ONE NIGHT is a FREE prequel to the Friends series, including JUST FRIENDS, MORE THAN FRIENDS, and FOREVER!

There's a party over at Jordan Tuttle's house tonight and everyone is there. Including...

Olivia: Who's leaving for her dad's house in Oregon tomorrow. So she plans on having the time of her life tonight with her best friends.

Dustin: Who wishes Livvy could see just how much she means to him.

Emily: Who's trying her to best to get with someone. Anyone.

Cannon: Who has an encounter with Em he won't be able to forget.

Amanda: Who's finally ready to go all the way with her boyfriend.

Tuttle: Who discovers the girl he's always secretly liked just might like him back.

Warning: This story contains mature sexual situations and is suited for a 17+ audience.

(ONE NIGHT is also published on Wattpad)


Taken: Captive Romance by [Devlin, Esme]
Esme Devlin: Taken /Captive Romance/


The first time I laid eyes on him, I was working the bar in a seedy nightclub.

Sitting there wrapped in his tailored suit with his legs spread like he owned the ground beneath my feet, I knew he was trouble.

I thought he wanted to buy me. I was relieved when he didn't.

But I underestimated Julian Rinaldi. He doesn't buy girls. He doesn't need to.

When Julian decides he wants something -- he takes it.
Arrogant. Possessive. Lethal. Deadly.

Out of his goddamn mind.

And now? Now I fear I may be just as mad as he is.


Reign (The Henchmen MC Book 1) by [Gadziala, Jessica]
Jessica Gadziala: Reign (The Henchmen MC Book 1)


1 notorious 1%er
1 innocent trapped in an impossible situation
1 vicious crime lord
3 people who aren't who they appear to be
= one big (bloody) mess.

Reign is no stranger to the criminal underbelly and hard life, but when a random woman comes (literally) crashing into his life- learning things she has no business knowing, and bringing with her the weight of the city's biggest skin trader, the "hard life" starts to take on a whole new meaning.

* For possible triggers, please visit:


Give Me Love (Give Me Series Book 1) by [Horne, Paige P.]
Paige P. Horne: Give Me Love (Give Me Series Book 1)


Owner of Atlanta Georgia’s hottest night club, Bryce Grant was known for being unattainable. He was also known for being an asshole. Most days, he was both.

But he wasn’t born that way.

He was made that way.

He grew up in a home where true love was equal to destruction and then he watched as everything he ever knew was ripped away because of it.

His life was just fine until a stubborn woman in a red dress walked into it.

And then he did everything he could to push her away…until he finally did.

Kathrine Harrison just ended it with her cheating boyfriend and a night out was exactly what she wanted to avoid, but her best friend Claire thought it was what she needed.

She didn’t plan on meeting anyone, she didn’t plan on even enjoying herself, but she’d learned a long time ago that plans don’t always work out.

One look is what they shared, and that was it.

Until days later when him and his brother came walking into her place of work and she spilt coffee all over the floor. He looked at her like she was a nuisance. Bryce Grant wore a permanent frown and tattoos that made him seem untouchable. His brother Jace however, was cute, fun-loving and a total jokester. She’d made up her mind right then, she wanted nothing to do with the moody Bryce…that is until he said her name.


Lift You Up (Rivers Brothers Book 1) by [Gadziala, Jessica]
Jessica Gadziala: Lift You Up (Rivers Brothers Book 1)


Friends of the family were forbidden fruit.
You didn't get to take a bite, no matter how tempting it might be.

And it sure was tempting when they showed up at your doorstep, soaking wet, shaking, begging for your help, your protection, when you suddenly found them hiding out from their problems in your place, in your bed while you attempted to take on their case, figure out how someone who led the quiet kind of life she did ended up on some bad guy’s radar, who wanted her badly enough to chase her through the streets, to make her need to uproot her entire life.
She was trusting me, depending on me.
There were plenty of things to keep my mind occupied.
Yet all I could think about was what it might be like to get a taste, a touch, a bite.
Maybe if I had been more focused on her case, I would have seen what was coming, could have prevented it before it was too late…


The Fixer (Professionals Book 1) by [Gadziala, Jessica]
Jessica Gadziala: The Fixer (Professionals Book 1)



There are a few things I don’t believe in. Like Santa. An honest politician. And gut instincts.
That was, of course, until I woke up with one.
And I knew.
This was the day I was going to die.

The cops, thus far, have proven useless and uninterested in my issues. When you couldn’t get help from legal channels, what other choice did you have but to look elsewhere?
That was how I came across Quinton Baird.
A “fixer.”
Whatever the hell that was.
All I knew was, I had a problem that needed fixing.
Hopefully, before it killed me.


There were a few things I could put my faith to rest in. My team. People f*cking up, and needing my help. And my gut.
So when my receptionist informed me that the woman in a case I decided wasn’t my kind of job was having a ‘gut feeling’ about being in desperate need of help, yeah, I dragged my a** across town to check things out.

Not only did I not bank on the fact that she was in trouble beyond what I could have anticipated, but she was not what I was expecting either. Beautiful, resilient, and one hell of a distraction I didn’t need.

As the pieces of her case start falling together, I was left wondering if maybe this new, unfamiliar sensation in my gut was telling me that Aven was much more than just another name on a case file…


Dirty Sexy Bastard: A Prequel (Dirty Games) by [Paige, Laurelin]
Laurelin Paige: Dirty Sexy Bastard: A Prequel (Dirty Games)


Sometimes pain gives birth to our greatest pleasures...

My mother tells me strength is the image you project.
My father is dead.
And his business, my legacy, the corporate empire that is Dyson Media- has been projecting a false strength.

Stock prices are strong, but under misogynistic management, the company is crumbling.
True to form, I won't be allowed to inherit, to fix this, until I marry.
That's when Donovan Kincaid walks into my life with an idea- and a man- I never saw coming.


Maybe This Time by [Fernando, Chantal]
Chantal Fernando: Maybe This Time


Moving in with my half-brother Xander, I had no idea what to expect.
But nothing could have prepared me for this.
My brother’s friends are wild, protective, secretive, always around.
And drop dead gorgeous.
Out of all of them, there's something about Reid Knox.
Brooding, temperamental, guarded…
And I want him more than anything I have ever wanted in my life.


Royal Bully (Mafia Royals) by [Van Dyken, Rachel]
Rachel Van Dyken: Royal Bully /Mafia Royals Prequel/


The prequel to the much anticipated Mafia Royals Romances…

Something dark this way comes.
He's gorgeous, mean, and mine.
He catches me dreaming about him, and then just like my dream, he decides to make me his.
I should have said no when he asked me to swear fealty to him.
The knife clued me in first.
The blood second.
And third, it was the blessing of the most famous mafia bosses in the known world as they sat around the dinner table and told me that I had no choice but to join.
Because they knew my secrets.
And running meant I was nothing more than target practice.
I said yes, because of my bully.
And he told me he'd keep me safe.
But who keeps me safe from him?


The Bet: A Dark Bully Romance (North Woods University Book 1) by [Beck, J.L., Hallman, C.]
J.L. Beck & C. Hallman: The Bet: A Dark Bully Romance (North Woods University Book 1)


“He was my best friend…” I say more to myself than her.
“Yeah, so was I but you seem to have forgotten that part of your life.”

The bet was simple.
You draw a name from the hat.
That’s the girl you have to seduce.
The girl you have to make fall head over heels in love with you.

It wasn’t hard for me to do, in fact it was something I did all the time. I was known for breaking hearts. Sex was just that, sex. And it didn’t take me very long to get a woman on her back.

And then I drew her name: Jules Peterson.

My former best friend. My first kiss. My first love. She shattered my heart into a million pieces three years ago. She left me right when I needed her most.

And as fate who have it, she had entered my life once again, at almost the perfect time.

She was a transfer, fresh meat, and she had just put a target on her back. It was my turn to make her pay. It was my turn to break her heart.

Holding onto that hate, that anger, that f*cking heartbreak. It does something to you. It breaks you, and it broke me, it tainted me, just like I would do to Jules.

She used to be my everything, but now she was nothing but The Bet.

**This is book one in the North Woods University Series. It can be read as a complete standalone and contains NO cliffhanger, NO cheating, and a HEA. Please be advised this series contains material not suitable for all readers. Dubious content is included in this book. This is NOT a YA series.**


Wilder (The Renegades Book 1) by [Yarros, Rebecca]
Rebecca Yarros: Wilder (The Renegades Book 1)


I'm Paxton Wilder.
Motocross phenom & adrenaline junkie.
I have more tattoos than scars.
And I've never seen a stunt I couldn't pull off--
Or a girl I can't get off.
Until she walks in.

My new tutor is sexy, smart, more stubborn than I am, and one hundred percent off limits.
That's right--the only rule this semester is Don't Touch the Tutor.
For the first time in my life, I want someone I can't have.
She's the girl who obeys every rule.
I'm the guy who breaks them.
Our biggest risk is falling for each other,
but I live for risk...

Each book in the Renegades series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Wilder
Book #2 Nova


Falling for the Forbidden: A Stepbrother Romance by [Lorraine, Tracy]
Tracy Lorraine: Falling for the Forbidden: A Stepbrother Romance


A love like ours was never meant to exist. 

It pushed every boundary. Broke every rule. 

My heart couldn't deny what I felt for him, and my body couldn't ignore his touch.  

He was my step-brother and what we had might be real... but it was also forbidden. 

Dear Reader,

Falling for the Forbidden is the first part of Ben and Lauren's story. It's emotional, full of angst, has plenty of steam and will leave you wanting more!

This is also the first book in my new Forbidden series which is a spin-off from my Falling series but can be read independently from that series.



Where Demons Hide by [Brooks, A.M.]
A.M. Brooks: Where Demons Hide


The City of Sin holds more than secrets.

He doesn’t remember me.
But, I remember him.
The mysterious and brooding Jay McCall.
His touch. His kiss. His hands on me.
It’s burned into my mind.
The one incredible night we shared.

But, that was before...
Before I lost my brother.
Before grief held me hostage.

He’s back, and it has nothing and everything to do with me.
The secrets he’s keeping are tangled with my brother’s death.
My heart. My body.
At war over a man I barely know.
A man who knows the truth.

He wants me to trust him.
I want to.
But to survive in a place where demons hide,
I must trust no one... not even myself.


Country Nights by [Renshaw, Winter]
Winter Renshaw: Country Nights


When some pretty little thing shows up at my doorstep with a suitcase, claiming she rented my house for the summer, I waste no time informing her that my house isn’t for rent. Some Internet jack@ss scammed her out of all her money, but that’s not my problem.

Only when I find her sleeping in her car a couple days later, I can’t walk away. I make her an offer: room and board in exchange for working on my ranch.

She agrees—not like she has a choice—and I open my doors to a girl who sings too loud, sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong, and distracts me with her tight jeans and full lips.

I keep her at an arm’s length, and for good reason. I don’t deserve happiness. And I don’t deserve her.

But when those hot summer days melt into long country nights, I find it hard to keep my hands off of her, even when I know they don’t belong there. My hands in her hair, her body on mine, that glimmer in her big brown eyes when she looks at me like I’ve hung the moon …

For the first time in years, my frozen heart beats again. And when I look at her, I’m reminded that I’m still alive, that maybe all isn’t lost. And when I kiss her, I’m not thinking about the past anymore, I’m picturing the two of us. A future.

But people around here like to talk and rumors are alive and well, and some folks are out to convince her I’m a monster with a sordid past.

And maybe I am ...

Like I said before, I don’t deserve her.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This full-length, angsty, steamy romance is a complete standalone and contains subject matter that may trigger sensitive readers.


The Awakening of Ivy Leavold (Markham Hall Book 1) by [Simone, Sierra]
Sierra Simone: The Awakening of Ivy Leavold (Markham Hall Book 1)


Yorkshire, 1879

I am alone.

When Ivy Leavold is left destitute by her brother's death, she is taken in by her cousin's brooding, tortured widower--Julian Markham. Handsome and possessive, it's not long before Ivy falls for him. But Mr. Markham has dark secrets, secrets that may put Ivy in danger...

I am afraid.

As Ivy unravels the mystery surrounding her cousin's death, she falls deeper and deeper in love with Julian, who opens her body and her mind to his indomitable will. But even as he draws pleasure and desire from her night after night, Ivy can't shake the feeling that their passionate affair may end in violence...

And I am completely his.


*The Awakening of Ivy Leavold is the first book in the Markham Hall Trilogy. It is 40,000 words.*

This is the end of part one! Part three coming friday! HUGE thanks for the authors!

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