Author Spotlight Week with Becca Steele | Day 3 | Exclusive Sneak Peek - The Fight In Us

2021. február 17., szerda

Exclusive Sneak Peek - The Fight In Us

A tiny whimper escaped her as I traced the outline of her lips. “Guess what?” I leaned closer, my breath skating across her skin. I waited until her eyelids fluttered open again and she met my gaze. “I know I probably shouldn’t, but I really want to kiss you right now.”

A soft gasp escaped her lips; then they parted slightly, and her tongue darted out to touch the tip of my finger.

That was the only sign I needed. My hand moved to cup her jaw. “I need…I want to forget.”

I could feel her soft tremble, but she inclined her head towards me, and I slanted my mouth over hers. She melted beneath me as I explored her mouth, touching, teasing, tasting. Her hand slid up around the back of my neck, holding me in place as her body shivered against mine.

Fuck. She tasted so good.

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