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2021. június 15., kedd

Sancte Diaboli: Part Two, the all-new, highly anticipated installment in the Elite Kings series that will leave you on the edge of your seat from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amo Jones, is available now!

He held a darkness that could never be touched.
She carried a light that could never be seen.

Not by anyone. Only by each other.

Simply two halves of the same soul, Brantley and Saint were fused together with equal parts wrath and peace. Nothing could break through their bond. Nothing.

Until now.

Sancte Diaboli Part Two is the seventh book of The Elite Kings Series. You cannot read this as a standalone. You have to read the entire series to understand this world completely. I highly recommend, because you’ll blow your mind!
First I have to say that I’m so sorry to have to say goodbye to this series and its amazing characters. I highly recomment to everyone who loves twisted and dark stories. I cannot think Amo can do this better, because Sancte Diaboli Part Two is the best end of an amazing series. I’m so glad to have a chance to get to know this characters. They’re completely unique, badass and near my heart. I don’t know how I can say goodbye to them…. I just cannot. I’m speechless. My heart is bleeding for them. I cried, twice, yeah!
I read the book in two sitting. It can be read so easily. I felt like I was coming home. The plot is so twisted and I never know what will happen. When I thought everything will be all right that was the time when Amo made something mind-blowing thing and everyhing will be upside-down. Brantley & Saint are completely different characters than Madship and Tillie & Nate. That’s too hard to explain because you have to feel it while you reading this book. I think this kind of a relationship is so unique and rare.
We got to know a lot of things in the first book but in the second we get the entire story. So many thing had happened in the last, some of completely shocked me and some of which I was calculating. I can’t wait to read Ruined Castles and the next generation’s books because I know Amo’ll make it twisted, amazing and dark like she always done.

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Everyone has a story, and when you die, your memories cling to the minds of the people you leave behind, scripted in permanent ink. They can go back and visit their favorite chapters when they need comfort, or simply skip over the scenes they want to forget, but what they can’t do, is be removed. Even if you tear a page from a well-written book, there will always be telltale signs something was there. There you lie, embedded in their minds forever, so essentially you’ll live forever, right? I didn’t think much about this until I met him. The day that I would die, I mean. Would I leave behind a novella, or would it be a nine-book series that would need your undivided attention? You see, I’ve gazed into the eyes of death twice in my life, and both times began at the entrance of his soul. His stare was always heavy and roguish, but he lit a match inside my body that would burn a lifetime after I’m gone. I wasn’t sure what I felt the first time his cold, corpse-like skin sailed over mine, but I remember it was the exact day that I knew I would never be the same. I was touched by the Devil; Heaven would never want me now. Not that Heaven was where I belonged either, though I’m sure he thought so. Tortured souls still weep; they tear themselves apart in dark corners where no one can see. Brantley is just that—tortured—though he doesn’t conceal it. He wears his darkness like a souvenir, proud and indifferent. I knew Brantley from the inside out, and I say that literally. I was familiar with the notes that his blood left in my mouth well after I had swallowed it.
And I think that will haunt me more than anything. It will haunt me so much more than this day.
The day my book hit the final page.

Meet Amo Jones

Amo Jones is a USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author whose books have been translated in multiple countries.

She resides in the tropics of Australia with her family, though she's a born and bred Kiwi who more often than not, misses New Zealand.

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